Day 175. The Landscaping One.

I was working from home yesterday, and was greeted with more evidence that Spring is coming...the landscaping of our development has begun. Its funny, I don't think I ever get used to seeing all different people standing right outside my window...it always kinda freaks me out at first. But then, today, partially because it was Spring and I'm loving this weather, I really sat and watched the team of men mow, trim, edge, plant, mulch, clean up...

Its really quite hard work: landscaping. Its easy to say this time of year that I wish I had that job but then its easy to say, in the heat of summer, or the cold blistering winds of late fall that I am so glad I don't have that job.

So today - I thank M. - who I did thank in person as well. Its quite a thankless job to landscape an entire development, and if you are doing your work properly, most people never see you do it, and you only hear about it when you do something wrong. Its easy to overlook the beauty that comes from fresh beds ready for spring flowers and that particular shade of green that resides in freshly mown grass, but, at least for me, its the landscaping team that makes all of that a reality every day.

No matter who does the landscaping around you - you, people you have hired, your community, think about how much they contribute to the beauty of your world...

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