Week 28. Reflections

Someone asked me some questions about my blog lately, and, as I was answering them I realized something funny...pretty much everyone who get's blogged gets a head's up from me. Whether its a tweet, an email or even one of my little handy business cards that say "You've been blogged" (thanks @Devyl), I try to let folks know. OK, I know, that part wasn't funny...

So here's the funny thing, the most nerve wracking moments are right before and right after I hit that "Send" button. A bazillion and one thoughts race through my head? "What if the person doesn't like it?" "What if I got it all wrong?" "What if they are not thrilled with being put out there publicly like that?" and the most prominent, "Holy crap! This person is now going to know exactly what I think of them".

Its weird, right? But I guess the take away for me is, that, crazy as it seems, it can be quite hard to give someone a real, genuine compliment. Maybe that's why we end up with a lot of negative energy, its a lot easier to be snarky or sarcastic (I am an expert at both) then to really open your heart sometimes. Oh well, know that I know it won't be necessarily easy, but try giving someone a compliment today.

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