Day 173. The Patient One.

It is Spring and its the time of year you get those beautiful, perfect Spring days where the smell of the earth coming back to life is in the air, the temperature is perfect, the sun is shining, and you just want to be outside. As a runner, this is one of the best times of year because you are finally able to go for a run without 506 layers of clothes on and every run brings you new sights of birds, animals and plants and flowers.

Saturday, on my run, I came upon the one shopping center I run by. There's always an awkward dance when you cross a driveway that is heavily trafficked. You don't want to have to break your stride, but you also never know if the car waiting to pull out or pull in is going to let you pass first or not. Seriously - every time I cross a car's path my adrenaline kicks in and a try to process 15 different people's thought process to figure out if its safe to cross or better to wait.

So - with that long winded explanation in mind, I would like to thank the driver of the red Pontiac at the Frantz Road shopping center. She could have easily turned out into traffic but saw me coming, waited ever so patiently, and as I waved in thanks as I ran in front of her car, she waved back and smiled. Then she gave me the thumbs up. Very Cool. I'm sure she had somewhere to be, but she was kind enough to let me keep on going on my little run. We never know what each other's agendas are for any given day, but to sometimes put another's ahead of your own can make a big difference....or at least make a run that much easier!

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