Day 172. The Running Shoe Ones.

I have been running for a long time, and, as with any hobby, there is a whole sub-culture associated with it. Today, there are umpteen running shoe companies, stores (online and physical) and a gazillion different outfits and new gadgets. It can get rather overwhelming. A few years ago, in my never ending search for a good running store, I noticed a new running business pop up in my neighborhood called The Columbus Running Company. (CRC)

I am always a fan of local business so I popped in and was immediately impressed. CRC was started by Matt and Eric, two "young" guys who just wanted to do what they loved for a living. You could feel their passion in the way they ran the store, the way they served their customers and the extra programs that they offered - training programs, local races, a sitting area for runners with water etc. Today, CRC has proven, by its success that they are doing things the right way. They have THREE locations all over Columbus and are adding events all the time. CRC is the only place I go now for my meager running needs - but these guys have given me some of the finest training I've ever gotten and they introduced me to what are now my all-time favorite running shoes that I could run in forever.

Matt and Eric are really good people and really good businessmen, but the specific thing I want to highlight about them is an aspect of how they really show that running can be a part of all aspects of life. If you log a lot of miles, you know how quickly you go through running shoes. To be running in a pair for more than 6 months is pushing it for me (and I'm no competitive runner). But then you have this issue that you have a pair of shoes that are perfectly good for every day use that you just can't run in any more. Very quickly, between Stephen and I, we would end up with literally 8-10 pairs of old running shoes banging around our house. We couldn't throw them away but we couldn't possibly find a use for them all. Well, CRC fixed that problem. You can take your old running shoes in to their stores and they will "recycle" them to other countries who don't even have shoes. I love it. I love that we can share in the spirit of running around the world. I love that perfectly good shoes don't go to waste. I love that CRC takes the time to find ways to be responsible to the global community.

If you're ever in central Ohio, CRC is the place to go, not only because they have knowledgeable, kind, good staff and products but because they are a local success story that's taking things global. Thanks guys!

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Dave Thurston said...

Found your blog via a tweet you sent out while I was searching locally . . .

Anyway, while reading your blog and your "what's this blog for. . ." and knowing that I don't watch news too often . . .

How about 30 minutes each evening of interviewing people that had only good things to say about others that helped them, good things they saw. Kind of like The Onion, but exchange sarcastic and clever humor for "man, we're really all human."

Look forward to catching up with your blog.