Day 170. The Grieving One.

A friend to many, Billy, lost his youngest son unexpectedly this past weekend. While I never met his children, I have been struck by the unimaginable pain of this experience. 

I do not want to diminish or exploit this situation at all, but for me, it was important to acknowledge Billy for who he is. He is someone who is kind to many, sharing everything from the exciting to the mundane is his days. He is dedicated to those he has relationships with and he is someone who, because of his inherent good spirit, has touched many who have come to think of him as a friend. I have seen these traits come back to him as so many have risen to offer him support. I have seen people do it publicly, and I can only imagine the number of those who are reaching out privately.

Billy has reminded me - through a time filled with grief - that that which you put out into the universe will come back to you when you need it. Billy supported us all in so many different ways and now we will do our best to support him. Billy has also reminded us all that life is precious - tell those you love that you love them, every day. 

Billy - my heart and prayers are with you my friend.


Daniel said...

Wow. I happened to come across your post via Twitter. It's nice that you're profiling individuals like this. Our thoughts, hearts, and prayers go out to Billy and his family for the loss of his son.

Brian Cluxton said...

So very sorry to hear about this. My thoughts are with Billy and his family. Some things simply don't make any sense.