Day 169. The OTHER Gym One.

So today I was at the gym. While working out I was starting to worry that I'm not getting out of my comfort zone enough - not finding the good in the day.  Well wouldn't you know...

At my gym, the cardio machines are laid out in rows upon rows. I was towards the back doing my little intervals. And there was a man, running on the treadmill, a few rows in front of me. As he was running, his MP3 player fell from wherever he had it on the treadmill "apparatus" onto the treadmill and was promptly kicked off the machine to land about 5 feet behind him. Now - this is one of my pet peeves. First of all, no matter what configuration the engineers try, there's never a perfect way to design the cup holders, MP3 holders, towel holders and everything else for *everyone* to have what they need while they are working out. Inevitably, unless you have things down to a perfect system, something will fall off, or be unreachable during your work out. Further, one of the most annoying things is being focused on a task (in this case, one's work out) and having something that is essential to you be removed from the equation with no way to get it back other than to disrupt your progress.

So, anyway, the MP3 player flew and two girls were walking by at the time. I saw them see the MP3 player fly, I saw them look at it, and then at each other. And just as my head was about to launch an internal tirade of "Oh come ON, people!" thinking they were walking by, the one girl, the girl in the yellow t-shirt, turned around, picked up the device and placed it back on the treadmill for the man running. With a simple smile she acknowledged his appreciation and went right on her way. Perhaps I had seen too many of those investigative "what would YOU do?" shows where they pose taboo actions to see if someone will speak up, but I was fearing that this would be another situation where ignorance, real or implied, prevailed.

Luckily, I was wrong. This very kind hearted girl took just a few seconds out of her day to give something back to someone and by virtue of this simple act, helped this man continue on his work out and hopefully achieve his goals for the day without interruption. No act of support, no matter or big or small, should ever be taken for granted. To the girl in the yellow shirt at my gym today - you rock.

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