Day 167. The Reflective One.

Many of you know that we used to live in Washington DC, and that many of our friends are still there...not a day goes by when I don't miss it, even just a little bit, and today I thought I'd share with you part of the reason why. My friend Mel and I met, like some of the other amazing women I've written about here, because our husbands were long time friends from college. When Mel first started dating her husband, Jason, I was drawn to her right away...I thought, "THIS is someone I can really connect with".

Mel has been a very cool person in my life for many years, but the past year and a half of her life has taught me even more about why she is so special. Mel and Jason had their first son, Zach in October 2007. He was soon after diagnosed with Hirschsprung's disease. Unfortunately, Mel, Zach and Jason are not the only people in the world dealing with a severe illness of a loved one...but fortunately, Mel, Zach and Jason ARE some of the very very special people who have revealed their struggles, strength and turned challenges into realizing celebrations.

Zach is doing so much better now at 15 months, and since I still can't believe that I haven't seen him (!!!), I delight in seeing how much Mel has shared with "us". Of course there are pictures and quick updates, but what's more beautiful to me is how Mel has shared her heart. Every once and a while, a note pops up on Facebook where Mel has taken some time to take stock and understand what is happening to her and her family. Her writing is honest, and beautiful. Sometimes it is painful to read but there is always hope in her words. 

Yesterday, Mel posted again and wrote the most amazing sentences: "It always takes a difficult time in life to remind me to count my blessings...Lately I have been trying to change that and take some time EVERY SINGLE day to count them. I realized recently that I take plenty of time to focus on my worries"

Mel your strength throughout this whole adventure has amazed and encouraged me. Thank you for sharing it - all of it - with us. You are an amazing reminder to me and many others to know that there is something good to be taken from every thing and every day. I love you! And Zach is such a cute little Mel-Jason combo :)

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Anonymous said...

Allison no truer words were spoken.They have come along way and I'm so very proud of them.
thank you for your wonderful blog!
Marcie Reinertson