Day 166. The Duck One.

I live in central Ohio which means that when Spring comes, so do two other things...ducks and very very annoying Canadian Geese. What this means is that people get rather crabby rather quickly about the droppings that these animals leave and the geese, in particular, draw the ire of many a resident as they block traffic, squawk in the middle of the night, and take over any available yard one may have. 

The shame in this is that the irritation often spills over to all members of the avian family. Some weeks I get annoyed with all the people talking about how annoyed they are over the ducks and geese. But, there is someone who cares...last year, one of the neighbors in our little community watched a mommy duck lead her little brood of ducklings across the road from one of our lakes to another. Mommy duck didn't realize that her feet are bigger than her babies' and, the neighbor watched in shock as one by one, the little duckings fell through the grates in the street drains to a scary fate.

Well, this neighbor took action - not only saving the babies who fell that day and returning them to their mother, but also stepping up and installing eco-friendly mesh over all the grates so that no other babies would suffer the same fate. This year, the neighbor is already back, hard at work, recruiting others to help him install these mesh covers before the eggs hatch and the sweet little balls of fluff start waddling across the roads. 

As someone who loves the arrival of Spring and also loves animals - in particular baby ducks at this time of year - I am so thankful to see my humane neighbor taking on a task for no purpose other than to keep some sort of harmony between us and the animals.

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