Day 165. The Friend One.

A friend of mine, Steph, has a best friend, Sarah. Through Steph, I have gotten to meet and get to know Sarah a little bit. I must say, that Sarah is a truly amazing person. I am always astounded at her warmth, honestly, wisdom, kindness and dedication to her family (oh and she's an animal person, and, animal people are always cool ;) ). Sarah will often react to something in the most beautiful way and it truly makes me want to be more like her. How did she get so darn smart?

Well, obviously Sarah is great, but, what is most striking to me about Sarah is what a truly phenomenal friend she is. When I see her interacting with Steph I am blown away by the love that exists in that relationship. Sarah approaches her friends with undying support and without judgement. I've seen her lift a friend up from a negative place, allow herself to be lifted up when things just aren't going well, celebrate a friend's successes, and gently guide a friend to a place they need to understand. Sarah has that really cool skill that some people have where she can help you figure something out, and in the end, you feel like you figured it out all on your own and you weren't just "told what to do".

It is very easy for so many of us to always say that friends and family are the most important things...but I believe that Sarah truly lives in these principles. I think we'd all be pretty darn lucky to have a "Sarah" in our lives. And, Sarah's a Buckeye fan, so you KNOW she rocks!

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Cliff J. Ravenscraft said...

Alison, you hit it right on the nose. Sarah is all the beautiful things you said here and so much more. I thank God everyday for her presence in my life.

It is my prayer that everyone would find a "Sarah".

Thank you for this blog it reminds us to tell those in our own lives that we appreciate them.