Day 162. The Best Man One.

So we may end up with a theme this week because the 12th is my wedding anniversary (can you believe I suckered that poor boy into marrying me?!?! ha ha) but anyway...a quick background for you all. When Stephen and I got married, we got married really fast - 3 months to the day after we got engaged - we had a very non-traditional wedding: we got married in front of 10 people at my parents house on a Wednesday and then went out to the East Coast where most of our friends were for a party that weekend. We loved it because we made the whole thing what WE wanted and not what anyone else was telling us we "should" do. Every decision was up for discussion as we made plans, (for example, we didn't have a wedding cake) but there was only one thing that took a bit of wrangling for me. I wanted to have attendants - I wanted two, Stephen wanted none...thinking it was too much with such a short time frame and it was a lot to ask of someone to come to Ohio and then head back to the east coast all in the middle of the week...anyway, we ended up compromising on ONE attendant each.

I was curious to see who Stephen was going to ask - I know many of his friends and could easily have seen him picking any one of a number of people - his friends are all really good people and I didn't think any choice would surprise me. Well, his choice actually did. Stephen asked his friend Walt to be his best man. I didn't know Walt too well at the time but I was looking forward to getting to know him better. Once Walt arrived that week, it immediately became clear why Stephen chose him. In the midst of the craziness (and oh was there craziness - imagine prepping for two weddings in two states in three days) Walt was an amazing center of what actually was going on. Walt brought us back to what was really going on as we decided to get married. He gave Stephen a wonderful book, and, when at the last minute we asked Walt to read the scripture we had chosen at our ceremony the good man committed it to memory in one night and said it from memory. We had a great time with Walt that weekend, but it was through the rest of these years that Walt has continued to amaze me...

Walt is one of those guys who can bring you back to what is important without ever being preachy or overbearing. I always look forward to our visits with him because the conversations are always great - he asks questions that really get you to think and, if necessary, recognize where you are going astray. He leads an amazing life just in his every day actions. He is a tremendous husband and father (to his three beautiful girls) and you can see the essence of who Walt is in everything he says and does. Walt also knows how to have a good time ;) and he makes a rockin' drink, but when I look at how Walt is and how he focuses on friends and family he serves as a role model to me in how I can improve who I am.

Walt continues to be the best man for us in more ways than just the traditional role - Walt, we love you!

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