Day 160. The Barcelona One.

So Friday I had a fantastic time at a birthday dinner for one of my good friends. We were a rowdy bunch (I will only say that there was silly string involved before we even got in the restaurant), and we were all looking to really have a good night. Mark was our server. 

I've mentioned other servers here before, because I am keenly aware at how hard that job is. But, Mark deserves special mention because of how he really melded with the flow of the evening. he fit right in with our group and our energy. He even got to know our sense of humor (and we know how lame mine can be). As I reflected on the evening, it was so nice to look back on that dinner and see how we all got to really focus on each other and our celebrations while enjoying great service and really great food. I attribute that to Mark and his ability to truly "serve" us throughout the evening.

Plus - Mark made sure we took advantage of the free dessert AND he can carry four martinis and two beers on a tray without spilling - always impressive :)

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