Day 159. The Working One.

So, my friend Andres is really REALLY cool. I truly love him. He is amazing. I met him when I was a young foolish 20-something who was busting my ass to work night and day as a consultant and try and figure out what to do with the rest of my life. So, we met by being assigned to the same project (in Tampa Florida...but I digress!) Andres and my relationship was one of those where we just 'clicked'. Instantly. I swear, he is like the brother I never had.

Andres was there to help me through all those crazy formative years and was, and still is, an amazing support, sounding board, drinking buddy and more. But, what I remember most about him was, when I was that silly 20-something he taught me the invaluable lesson that I think too many people miss: "There's nothing wrong with having fun while you work."  When you do the math, we spend a third of our life (at least) in the workplace. Its too easy to fall into the established patterns of hating what you do, just collecting a paycheck, or perhaps worse yet, thinking that you are your work. I was well on my way to at least two of those when Andres became my friend. He helped me to find the right balance between work and play...and he helped me to realize that "working to live" (instead of living to work) is the end game in the short time we each have on earth...

Since our time together in Tampa, we've had some good stories - we both lived in the DC area for a while and then, even after Andres and his family moved to Atlanta we stay in touch as best we can - he even sang for my "father daughter" dance at my wedding...and I hope that Andres knows how much that meant to me.

Andres is one of those friends to whom I forever feel connected no matter how little or much we stay in touch. He is my little "kumquat" "marsupial" or whatever crazy name we are using at the time; he is a brilliant business person; he knows how to make a good drink; but most of all he is a tremendous person and an amazing friend. I am thankful every day for him, his family, and the fact that he is in my life.

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