Day 158. The Referring One.

So, this post will be somewhat ambiguous because I want to keep the focus on a special person and not on me...so here we go.  There is a wonderful woman, Erin H. who I met because we were working on a project together starting some 3 years ago. She was in Dallas and I was in Columbus and I figured our interaction would be more of the "touching base" type. Well, it turned out that year that I really ended up needing her help and she proved herself to not only be a helpful, knowledgeable resource, but also someone who has integrity, is very smart, and is tremendously kind. I was finally able to meet Erin a few times and just fell in love with her. She's one of those people who you immediately connect to and want to know more about.

I had considered that our relationship would continue under the same parameters but you can imagine my pleasant shock when she referred me for an additional opportunity within the constructs of how we were working together. To know that Erin thought highly enough of me to recommend me for this additional task was not only a tremendous compliment but also a huge boost to me when some other not so pleasant stuff was going on in my life.  The resulting work ended up being invigorating and inspiring and through it all, Erin continued to prove herself as a tremendous spirit. 

Erin and I eventually ended our professional relationship but I still had the chance to see her from time to time. She's one of those people who knows what a gift it is to remember people - no matter how much time had passed or what we were each now focused on, Erin would always find time to visit with me and not only touch base professionally but also to share what was going on in her life (and p.s. she has the cutest babies :) ).

On a professional note, this past year, the fact that Erin recommended me for that first additional project has blossomed into continued new and amazing opportunities that I otherwise probably never would have known. I am forever indebted to Erin for her faith and trust in me. I am keenly aware that the opportunities I have now are in no way possible without Erin. Even though we don't talk much now, I think of Erin often and she is one of a very few people who I classify as "who I want to be more like".

I hope that you know, Erin, that you are a special person in this world; and that knowing you personally and professionally has made my life so much richer. Thank you!

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