Day 156. The Partner One.

This Saturday, I was at the 9th Annual Conference for Young Women affected by Breast Cancer.  I have been a part of the fight against breast cancer for over a decade now, but its only in recent years that I have become keenly aware of the challenges facing women who are diagnosed before age 40. It is hard enough to think about losing ones breast, or ones hair or even ones life in general, but when you partner that with being someone who may be in your 30's or even 20's (!) and thinking about still dating, being married, your sex life, your children (planned or present) you realize how courageous these young survivors are.

The energy at this conference was amazing. But, as I sat through session after session completely engrossed in the material and the company, something caught my eye. A young survivor was walking out at the end and leading her, was her husband, holding her hand. It was a simple thing - but it was everything. In just walking with her, in being there, you could see that he was WITH HER - for the meeting, for the weekend, for the fight against this disease, for her life. He wasn't coddling her or "taking care" of her, he was her partner. He got it - this was his life's love and he was going to be there in sickness and in health. Diseases like cancer can often expose one's true colors - unfortunately, sometimes these aren't pretty. Many young survivors face issues with partners leaving them, or even not wanting to date them in the first place. But this man knows what life is all about and what his marriage is all about. 

Later that night, these two danced their socks off at the conference's party - they were living, and they were living together, no matter what may come their way. They are true partners and they are inspiring.

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