Week 26. Reflections.

So two things I want to discuss that have been on my mind this week...first, the easy one, even though its Week 26 some of the weeks haven't had a blog every day SO, we are not yet half way done...ah well! ;)

The other thing is this, and perhaps more in depth, and it reminds me of something my friend Soren might write about (although he's far more eloquent than I).

Here's the deal, its a scary time. I tend to be a "what will be, will be" type person but for the first time in a long time, I'm truly starting to feel anxiety about the state of the world. The economy stinks, there are wars, some people in your life may, or may not, be acting in a negative manner, all you hear about is crime, and a lot (not all!) of Washington DC seems to be working in a "business as usual"...congressmen debating stupid things, porkbarrelling legislation, blah blah blah. 

At first it was easy for me to say, "oh see? That's another reason why I'm doing this little project to keep myself (and hopefully others) upbeat during these trying times". While that's true, another line of thinking has started to gel for me in the past week...and I started to think about what happened in November. We elected a new President based on the principle of HOPE and on his slogan of "Yes We Can". Let's talk about that...to me, the most important word in that phrase is "WE". President Obama has planted an idea, but you can't expect a President, a parent, a friend, a boss, a spouse to fix everything by themselves. We can't sit and wait for just a "stimulus package" to ease the strain on our wallets; we can't hope for legislation or corporate CEOs to put stuff we want or enjoy on the airwaves or in TV shows; we can't take direction on how we should feel about things from a talking head on some news show; we can't expect any other person to make a change if we aren't part of it. 

So, to me, yes WE can...WE can start to expect things to be brighter, WE can start to be more positive, WE can hold leaders accountable if they aren't doing what WE want for our futures, WE can be nicer to each other every day, WE can say thank you, WE can believe in things getting fixed, heck, WE can fix things!  

Look, I'm not calling for a revolution here, I just feel like we may be getting to comfortable in our passivity in all levels of our lives - whether you run a company or sweep the sidewalks or can't talk to a friend about a problem. Wherever your life takes you, can you consider looking for the best that is there and looking for ways for it to get better? Educate yourself on what's going on, examine your attitude and see how you can make a difference. For me, its simply this little project for one measly year - trying to find the good in people. "Be the change you want to see in the world"...I say, YES WE CAN.

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