Day 152. The Delicious One.

A friend of mine turned me on to a very cool site, knowing that I love food, cooking and have a new found affection for Munich...the site is called "Delicious Days". (if you follow me on Facebook you've seen some of their posts already)

Delicious Days was started by Nicky, who, upon finding her partner Oliver, ended up living in Munich with him and now shares her experiences there, from a culinary point of view.

Obviously, this site has tremendous awesomeness in the recipes, dining and cultural experiences it shares, but here's why I really REALLY like it. Its the perspective...the photography is simply breathtaking. Not because its earth shattering or shocking perse but it looks at things in unique ways; it captures beauty from angles we may not usually see it. Also, the way in which the shared recipes approach food...each ingredient is thought about in unique ways and, trust me, these recipes are not simply "substitute butter instead of shortening" type creations. They are innovative, hunger inducing creations - even when they are new takes on a traditional Bavarian dish.

I think someone who can live their life in such a creative manner is obviously someone full of awesomeness. Whenever my reader picks up a new Delicious Days recipe I can get rather excited and have been known to stop on the way home to pick up provisions to try out the new creation...even after making a dish, I'll go back and read about the recipe later and absorb the gorgeous photos. This site truly envelops me and takes me into the entire experience of the blog and the recipe itself.

You know I love food - but this site elevates it to something special. Delicious Days has gotten quite a bit of press and recognition and I say, "well deserved!"

Danke Nicky - you rock.

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Devonshire said...

I love that website, well food blogs in general. Have you checked out http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/ - it is too funny. On a side note I stumbled upon your blog through ravelry and I am really impressed with your one person at a time. Everyone deserves to hear good things and be appreciated!