Day 150. The BMV One.

Ah the stereotype of the government worker...and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in particular. I would wager that most of us dread having to go deal with this part of our local state governments, and each have at least one story about how frustrating it was to renew a license, or get new plate or whatever.

Today, I had to jump through about 50 hoops to finalize the sale of my car that was totaled earlier this year. I do have to go into some of the mundane detail to tell this story... basically, I had to get something called a salvage title, sign it over to the person buying the car, and get that notarized. The twist is that my husband took the signed title to get it notarized, and the notary wrote his name instead of mine. This, in essence, invalidated the whole thing. So, today, the new owner of my car and I tried to "start all over". We ended up at the third destination we had to go to for titles and walked up to the counter, to Jody.

Jody was very positive, very kind, willing to work with us (the title being in my maiden name and I only have a fax of my marriage certificate) and put our whole situation at the top of her queue (there were faxes involved from numerous places and she kept checking the machine, keeping us posted...etc).

As I left the BMV today, I was just so thankful that Jody was the one we had the pleasure to work with, and reminded me that there's always someone who will prove a stereotype wrong. Further, Jody reminded me that there's always good people, sometimes you may have to look harder than others to find them, but they are out there....even at the Department of Motor Vehicles. :)

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