Day 149. The Looking Out One.

I've grappled with the idea of posting about someone twice, you all know this. But today, I am going to blog about someone again and I am not going to apologize for it because this person deserves it.

My friend Andrea, who lives here in Columbus, is one of the sweetest, most loyal people I know. Yesterday, a mutual friend of ours came upon some surprise bad news. Its the kind of news that hits you hard and, perhaps harder because its news created by someone who has no basis whatsoever for what they are doing and its just mean spirited and unfair. Andrea had to work all afternoon and evening so she called me right away to get over to our friend. Andrea even knew exactly how to handle letting the friend know I was coming (just in case she was already upset) and, advised, (correctly) to bring some wine ;). So I got my butt over there to care for our friend until Andrea could get there as well for support...it was my pleasure to do this and I am so thankful that both Andrea and I could support our friend through this time.

But here's the thing - let's be honest, part of friendship is the pleasure we get back from the relationships we have, there's a selfish part to being a friend that is totally valid. And that is what is so amazing about Andrea, yesterday her focus was 100% completely and selflessly on our friend. What SHE would need and who could get it to her. She rallied quite a few people to support our friend when she herself couldn't...as I was driving last night I just kept getting more and more in awe of what an amazing, awesome friend Andrea is. I have always been thankful to have her in my life and yesterday was another stunning example of the value of Andrea and that she is truly one of the most exceptional people, and friends, in the entire world - and I am NOT exaggerating.

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Liana Lehua said...

Andrea has a great heart. If anyone is deserving of multiple praises, it is her. :)