Day 148. The LunaTick One.

I have a friend, Matt who is one of the smartest people I know. Why is this? Well, Matt is also one of the funniest people I know. I have long believed that humor is a mark of extreme intelligence and Matt proves it. If you think about it, to turn the every day into something that will bring a smile requires a rather quick brain that can process a ton of information quickly and bring the laughter. Matt does this and he's got that kind of "funny" that is the best kind - its wry, quick and always takes you where you need to go. I also appreciate that he's willing to put in effort to bring the funny - he'll bring up a long forgotten joke, search for a funny smiley, post these random, crazy stories or, he'll even write you a fantastic parody song for your birthday ;) .

If I ever need a laugh, I can go to my dear LunaTick, and know that he will give it to me. 

The say laughter is the best medicine, and Matt just proves it. Matt, I want you to know that you brighten my day, every day. And even though I still may send you to your corner every now and then...know that you make my life happier!

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