Day 146. The Leveraging One.

As I am sure we all do, I get lots of emails, Facebook invites, tweets promoting this cause or that one. Sometimes I disregard these just as a matter of practice. Other times, based on the time I research the link or the way I know the person sending the information, I will go ahead and accept/ click/ join. We all have our own rules for what and when we join things...there's something I recently joined that I wanted to share with you (based on my good friend Sanaz's recommendation).

Some friends of Sanaz's, Ross and Lori Shanken, have recently started "Better Human Race". The concept is simple - its a search engine that, based on traffic, raises money for a select group of charitable organizations. The project is still new but, what's really cool about it is the way that the Shanken's have really built a new way of thinking about philanthropy. The money is allocated based on your votes, the money is generated by the online activity you are probably doing anyway; the idea is to provide a charitable outlet to people who "want to do good" and are rather hooked in to the technorati circuit. "Better Human Race" is on Facebook, Twitter, and they are really looking at driving their "service" from a social media perspective.

As I watch some of the other philanthropies that I am closely connected to struggle to catch the "social media wave" I thought that not only the message, but the strategy of "Better Human Race" deserves recognition. As with any philanthropy, I encourage you to always do your own due diligence to decide if you wish to support them, but there is a whole community of people out there who are learning to communicate in new "social media" space that 'Better Human Race' is really focusing on to spread the word and that, in and of itself, deserves special recognition.

*Please note, as many of you know, I support a variety of charitable causes, I believe that giving of your own resources is a highly personal choice. I did not post this entry to debate the validity of "Better Human Race" but rather to share a cool concept and highlight some more "ordinary" people doing "extraordinary things in extraordinary ways". 

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BetterHumanRace said...

Thanks AlisonL... your comments were not only flattering but also hit the key point - we've come up with this concept as a new way to think about giving. Going well so far, but we need thousands more users to really make a difference. Posts like yours help.

Love your web site! - I have it bookmarked for future reading.