Day 145. The Ice Cream One.

Yesterday, because I was near their store, some friends and I treated ourselves to Jeni's Ice Cream. I consider Jeni's to be arguably the very best ice cream there is - and my family knows ice cream! We used to drive down to Cincinnati just for the original Graeters (which previously held the "best ice cream" title in my book) and my dad and I will only eat certain flavors at certain places with certain toppings. (we like our desserts...don't hate us!)

What I consider cool about Jeni (yes its a real person) is not just her product but how she has built her business. Jeni is a local central Ohio business that has grown while maintaining a family feel. When Jeni recently had her baby, the stores all celebrated it on their signage and in-store menus and there were even celebratory ice creams!  No matter which location you go to, the people are cool, friendly and good at their jobs. Also - Jeni gets that her product is her best marketing. She has all kinds of fantasmagorical flavors and you are always welcome to taste as many as you'd like until you find the one that makes your palate happy.

And let's discuss that ice cream shall we? I mean seriously - it is to your benefit to peruse her menu.  There are the old standards and then seasonal flavors. I have always admire the creativity that resides in a chef, but Jeni's is shockingly impressive (right now, you can get "Rose Petal with Marcona Almonds and White Chocolate Ice Cream" I mean c'mon people!!!). Who else can come up with ice cream that can contain goat cheese, or lingonberries, or sea salt and olive oil...and be delicious! If you had told me a few years ago that I would covet an ice cream cone with 1 scoop "salted caramel" and 1 scoop "queen city cayenne" I'd have told you that you were crazy. Now, I look forward to finding some amazing new flavor combinations. If you ever come to visit me, its most likely I will work in a visit to a Jeni's for you!

So to Jeni...you are an awesome boss, a tremendously creative chef, and an overall cool person. Thanks for the ice cream, thanks for everything.


Brian Cluxton said...

Yes, you're right, Alison. Jeni's is fantastic! The goat cheese and cherry compote is ridonkulous (that's good)

KT said...

Just bought three pints last night. Amazingly enough I still have some left...