Day 144. The Letter One.

Further proof keeps mounting that the more you look for really cool people the easier it is to find them. 

Many of you know how ardent a fan of football I am. Were I ever to write a post about Payton Manning, I would have guessed it would have related to his athletic ability. I thought he was a quality person before, but this proves it. [Although is this guy trying to steal my idea?!?!? LOL]

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the time to watch this video. It is approximately 3.5 minutes and well worth it. The message is shares is self evident: its just so easy to tell someone how much you appreciate them...and it can mean the world.

* Please note, that I would not be aware of this story at all if it weren't for "The Compelling One", Barbara who shared this story via Twitter.

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Phlegon said...

Not sure how to break it to you, but "one" is a number, not a letter. Just sayin'. ;) (And just kidding! :D)

Seriously though, that video was so inspiring! Thanks for sharing it!