Day 143. The Dancing One.

Tonight I was at a Blue Jackets game with Stephen and some good friends. We were up in the higher deck so we had a great view of the ice and the other fans around us. Towards the end of the game, as my eyes wandered I spotted two little kids at the game dancing whenever the music would come on. Whether it was the traditional organ muzak leading up to "LETS GO JACKETS" or a snippet of some hit (or not so hit) song these guys danced.

These kids were hilarious...one in particular was just letting the music move him. It made me smile. I love to dance, I love to just let the music move ya. I used to dance quite a bit and was even in a competitive dance team for ballet (until my teacher told me I looked like a dying swan but this is another story for another day). I think to dance is to be free. I think its hard not to be happy when you're dancing. 

I love the little kid dancing tonight - I hope he never stops. And I hope that we can all enjoy dancing every once and a while, and to quote one of my favorite gifts of all time "even when we stumble, we can make it part of the dance (sic)"

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