Day 140. The Seattle One.

We are rushing home from Vegas because something very special is happening this weekend...a good friend is coming to visit. Stephen and I have been blessed with many great great friends. Stephen has one of the strongest, most enviable network of friends from his college days and they have all turned out to be nothing less than VERY cool (some of them have already been mentioned here).

Well today, one of those friends, Doug, has come all the way from Seattle Washington to spend a few days with us. We are overjoyed! Living in Columbus Ohio doesn't exactly give us the perk of having an exciting destination to draw our friends for a visit. So, it has been great to see quite a few people who have come out to play but its always been coupled with a football game, visit with family, wedding, whatever...but, as we were going to pick up Doug today, Stephen said, out of the blue, "its so cool that he's coming out to visit for no other reason than to see us". Now this is not at all to diss any of our other friends...we ourselves have a list of people and places we wish we could be that never gets addressed or always gets put off; but that understanding made this visit by Doug even more special.

Doug and Stephen have been friends since their fraternity days in college. They had fallen out of a more regular communication until a friends wedding a few years ago brought us all back together. Now both men are married and we were blessed to have one of those times together where we all just clicked. That feeling of coming across a long lost friend, that feeling of understanding and community were instant.  Even though Doug lives in Seattle and we are in Ohio, we've been able to stay in touch and even visit out west one more time last year.  Now Doug and his beautiful wife have just had their first child, a daughter and yet, Doug still made the time and effort to come see us.

I've always treasured the gifts of friendship and time much more than anything tangible and Doug gave Stephen and I one of those great gifts with his visit. Thanks for coming out Doug...we heart you!

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