Day 139. The Energy One.

Today I had the opportunity to listen to a talk given by T. Boone Pickens. He is, in many ways, a stereotypical Texas oil man: appears to be politically conservative, tells lots of anecdotes, and can name drop all day long (he had lunch with W earlier this week), oh and he's rich - really rich - worth over $1 BILLION. He spent this morning disproving all the "baggage" that comes with this stereotype - at least for himself.

Now first, I will level with you all - I am not a "politics" kind of person. I am rather idealistic about what politics should be and it just makes me angry all that goes on within what has become a machine. I don't like the way that game is played these days, but during all the election time "noise, I did see a t.v. commercial by "Boone" about his plan to reduce our dependence of foreign oil by using American resources and alternate forms of power (his focus is wind). I was impressed at what seemed to be earnestness, logic, intelligence and the fact that this man was pushing an idea for public consumption and paying for all of his research, development and press by himself. You can find more information about his plan via his web site

I could go on for probably a bit longer about the nuances of how this man spoke today and some of his ideas and even about how he reminded so many of us as a kindly wonderful grandfather, but what I took away as most important was his way of thinking. He talked about people based on their thoughts and action. He supported Obama, he supported the idea of team, he talked about the value of the bailout plan if it gets paid back - and that the cap on CEO salaries (*cough cough* bank of America *Cough cough*). He supported the idea of innovation, creativity and working with the right people for the right reasons (his "answer" for what happened to GM is equally poignant, frustrating and frighteningly accurate). But all of his different opinions and strategies and philosophies always came back to one major tenant - know your own role and the power that comes with it, and then own it and be responsible with it - educate yourself, do whatever you need to do to be heard, ALWAYS self advocate.

Boone talked about so many of the challenges we are facing at many levels right now as a country and as a global community and, while not the whole answer, part of the problem is that we all became a bit slack. Have we done everything to hold our elected officials accountable? If you hold a stock do you really keep up to date with what you vote on each year at the shareholders meeting? Did you ever take advantage of a boss or employee? Did you ever feel taken advantage of and not speak up? Do you know what your children are learning and doing? Do you make sure you understand issues that you face fully and with a factual foundation? I must admit that I can not say I uphold these principles. But I would like to. 

So again - sometimes Mr. Pickens went a bit "Old Glory" on me today, but he has a sound mind and a tremendous outlook on life. He has reminded me to be accountable for all that I can be - and to make the decisions I make (all of them) in a responsible way. 

Oh - and, in my humble opinion, his energy plan is tremendously exciting. Check it out. 

* Mr. Pickens has authored several books, while I have not read them myself, I am adding them to my queue and based on what I heard today I would ask you to consider reading them as well.

** This is one entry where I would strongly urge you to follow the provided links. Agree or disagree, I guarantee you will find something interesting

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