Day 137. The Compelling One.

Obviously I've been sucked into the Web 2.0 world. I've learned to revel in my geekdom...social network is not a bad word in my world - when done well, its the perfect way to learn about people, things and places that you might never have the opportunity to encounter otherwise (if you know my passion for "knowledge management" you get the appeal for me). Another thing I love is learning about something that's interesting to me...and there's a whole heck of a lot I still don't know (Kim, Andrea, you can stop laughing now). Point being, its my personality to find and devour the knowledge thats out there about Web 2.0 and how to harness it to improve life, business and relationships. I love finding those folks who knowingly or not put that information out there for us novices to consume.

A few months ago, at an "un-conference" called PodCamp Ohio, I met a woman, Barbara, whom I would never have met save for the fact that she was visiting with one of my Twitter faves, AnnOhio (there were large panties involved - but that's all I can say about that). I was immediately engaged by Barbara and her passion for new media, her knowledge and her ability to thoughtfully take in information, ponder it and turn it into a discussion (and she has a great smile and an even better laugh). My friend Jeremy and I ended up sitting with Barbara rather than attending one of the block of sessions and it will go down as one of the most important conversations for me in my new media journey. Barbara gave the low down and dirty on important tools to consider, ways to think about being in the Web 2.0 world, and some tips on some cool new things coming (or things that should be coming). The conversation was thought provoking, challenging, interesting and lingered in my mind for days. I was immediately struck at Barbara's ability to not only share and learn but also defend her position without apology or arrogance.

So, of course, I started following her on Twitter, and I continue to be impressed. She's out there really engaging in the conversation. If something comes up she always has a thoughtful question to pose back - a challenge to an accepted practice and ALWAYS an invitation to continue the conversation (sometimes stated, sometimes implied). 

Barbara has become one of my Web 2.0 gurus. I have immense respect for her and am always stopping to read what she tweets (even if its just about the road trip she's on). In hindsight, I am even more thankful for the brief time we spent together this past summer and I am thankful to know a woman who has a strong mind and the ability to use it to always find new ways to think about something and connect with others - all at the same time.

Barbara's got a wicked sense of humor too which totally sealed the deal for me! :)


BarbaraKB said...

Alison, this post is incredibly timely. You have made my week. And, unlike many things, I am without much comment... LOL! I'm actually in shock. Thank you for your graciousness. Peace to your day!

Daniel said...

Alison, I completely agree with you and am considering adopting BarbaraKB as part of my family! Only half-joking.