Week 23. Reflections.

  Today, February 1st, is my birthday. Yay me. I've reached an age, that for some reason, feel's "weird". None of the years before has ever bothered me, and none of the numbers ahead seems scary, but oddly, this one freaks me out a little bit..I've been playing with this feeling, kinda like a child plays with a loose tooth, but I can really articulate what's going on...Yet.

I can tell you that I've been a touch nostalgic lately - as some of you "regulars" know, (I'm nutty - I always seem to do that on my birthday). I even went back to my original blog to read about when the idea of this blog was starting to come together. I found it really interesting...here's what I wrote: "I'm starting to feel old and I'm starting to feel like there are some things I'm learning - and not to go all Oprah on you, but life is too short for a lot of the crap that goes down".  Hmmm. For all the ups and downs a year brings, I'm pretty jazzed that I've made this thing keep going.  (Well, except for the whole adjective thing...365 different words? That just might kill me...ha!)

So - as I reflect on my year and all the things I still want to do and change in myself, I really wanted to take a moment to tell each and every one of you that I have blogged about (and still will do so in this year), that I appreciate YOU. You are putting something really good in the world. Whoever said "be the change you want to see in the world" was right. By paying attention to the great stuff y'all are doing, its made a positive impact on me. I thank you for that - that is the best collection of birthday gifts I could ever receive. 

It also cannot be overlooked that those of you who contributed to my birthday blog deserve to be thanked - again (and again and again and again). I've read it so many times already this week. It never fails to make me smile and reflect on you cool, amazing, thoughtful people. I truly ADORE each and every one of you...

So - Happy Birthday to me. I do believe that birthdays are really special - its the one holiday that "belongs to you" - when you can allow yourself to open up to those who want to celebrate you. Do yourself a favor, allow others to celebrate you - its just as important as celebrating others.

And I'll keep ya posted on this whole being freaked out about reaching my "scary age".... ;D


Devyl Gyrl said...

A very happy birthday to you, sweetheart. I love you!


NotAMeanGirl said...

Happy Birthday girlie!!! I had issues with mine this year to. 40 was weird. I don't FEEL 40... but I am... yanno? I hope this year brings you happy surprises!!!

iandrea said...


Just remember, you're like a great wine, you just get better with age :)
I hope this next year in life brings you nothing but joy and wonderful things!

Love you!

Liana Lehua said...

Hau'oli La Hanau! It's great to see you embracing your life no matter what your age. :)