Week 22. Reflections.

OK are you sick of the barrage of posts today yet? ;) ANYWAY...what some of you already know is that a couple of very special people who were featured on this blog were EXTREMELY creative and put together a birthday surprise for me...they created a special blog on which my friends could log into and post special birthday messages to me. 

I'm not going to link to that blog here or anything because lord knows that I hate drawing attention to myself in that way, but I do want to pause and recognize Andrea and Kim who "led the charge" on this project and all of you special people who took the time to write something to me. I want you all to know that no matter how long or short, or in what type of media your feedback was presented, it meant the world to me. Just the fact that each of you took the time to share something was amazing and the way you communicated with me helped me to get to know you just a little bit more. 

This gift is the perfect thing for me - I can take it anywhere, ha ha ha - and I will always have a pick me up, a bit of love, and a bit of my friends nearby.

Andrea Z., Kim, Jess, Soren, Tom, Shelly, Cliff, Stephanie, Mel, Lukie, Christine, Amy, Andrea L., Jim, Shelley, Luna (Matt), Winnie, Krissy, Sydnee (and Eeyore), Mark, Anne, Amanda, and Devyl THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU. You each are amazing and special and just further proof that its a great use of time to let someone know how great we think they are.



Kim Fenolio said...

You are the amazing one, my dear. And we said so in so many different ways in our gift to you. Thank you for what you do here and for being that wonderful person.

Still reading. Never stopping.

Much love,
Kim Fenolio

iandrea said...


You brighten our lives every day, simply by being you. Your amazing blog and the positivity it exudes, your tweets, your texts, or calls always bring a smile to my face.

We just wanted to give you little bit of what you give us every day. I'm glad you enjoyed the blog, and allowed us an early celebration of you on your special day!

Love you muchly Twin!

:) 'Drea