Week 21. Reflections.

I would just like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank each of you who is reading this and taking the time to comment, email or tweet me about your thoughts on a posting. 

It is always a pleasant shock when I realize people are, in fact, reading this. The fact that some of you have taken the time to comment or communicate with me is really a gift. I read a lot of blogs/ RSS feeds and though many of them touch a chord with me, even I am a rare "commentor" so I truly am touched when someone does this for me. Not everyone agrees with what I post, and, not everyone who writes is someone I even know - and that makes those postings truly special.

I know my blog is by no means "sweeping the nation" but for my little reading community and those who close the feedback loop on what I write, I really REALLY REALLY appreciate each of you. 

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