Week 20. Reflections.

Coming back to Ohio has been interesting....obviously one goes through that "re-entry" phase of coming back to reality, not to mention the cold, the work and the resuming of responsibility. ;).

Being back has also represented a new challenge in my little project going on here...all of a sudden, all I can think about is "this is hard!"  I feel like I've written about a lot of people already and to be back home its sort of a struggle to find "new" people to write about...its almost like noone around here seems new right now and when I come up with someone to write about it feels a little forced...so I'm also really rethinking a lot about what it means to put someone here...I'm struggling with putting someone who's already a "public" figure; struggling with the difference between putting up someone for just one act of goodness versus a trait or long time of being cool; struggling with finding new people...

Maybe I'm just tired, maybe I'm just still going through re-entry. I do think of this as good, its refocusing me on why I'm doing this and who I'm writing about...

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Mary said...

I know you will find some one that has changed your life, or will change your life.

You are getting good plugs on GSPN.TV and Pink acres, and that is how I founld your blog. I'm putting it in my reader today. :)