Day 135. The AT&T One.

So - perhaps its a sign from the universe that I will not reach my scary age (this upcoming birthday is my scary age, I have no problem with the numbers before it nor after it...for some reason, this one, don't like it so much...but I digress) but it may shock you who I am about to write about, because as it was all going down, it shocked the heck out of me.

Last night I had to call AT&T customer service about a question with my bill. I had braced myself for the inevitable - the transfer to India, the scripted false niceties, the excruciating pain of not having my issue fixed blah blah blah. You can imagine my shock when I got Damien (yeah yeah, ironic, I know) on the phone. He was either extremely good with his English or a native speaker and even as he started his greeting script, there was something earnest about him. This young guy helped me through my issues and was really really sweet the whole time...at one point, when I started rushing through my questions (The problem of having worked with telcos...I know a bit too much) he was really cool even as he fumbled a bit and said, "Sorry I'm still new at this but we'll figure this out". 

When I finished my call, instead of that usual feeling of "i have just survived a major battle of wills and intellect" I moved right on to my next thing, felt like my issue had been resolved and...wait for it...I was actually pleased! There's a lot of negativity out there right now - and its usually abundant in the call center industry regardless of the economic climate, but Damien, you rock. You put the Service back in your job title...and I appreciate you!

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