Day 134. The Newest One.

You don't get a chance to interact with a lot of people when you are stuck inside due to a major snow and ice storm...but I did see something that reminded me of someone in particular for whom I have a great deal of respect.  I will preface this by saying there is someone in particular I have in mind but I will not speak of this person specifically, rather, just generally.

So let's discuss our topic here - the weekend weatherperson. First of all, we know what a hard time weatherpeople get...if you ever turn out to be right about the weather, let's be honest, its probably due to luck just as much as anything else no matter how diligent you are in your study of the weather, satellites, radar etc. and you are kinda always open to be the butt of a joke. Your only big stories are always out of your control, and, as I know, when you do get to take over the airways, people call and complain about not seeing their regularly scheduled programming.

Now - one step further - the weekend person who does the weather has an even rougher time of it...you're not the "big name" in weather on your station, you may or may not get as many viewers and, should you get "Lucky" enough to have a big weather occurrence (here we've had tornados, blizzards, floods) that is a big story, the people who are the weather people during the week swoop in and start leading the coverage and steal your thunder (pardon the pun). It is also very rare that you have a true opportunity for advancement - most stations keep their lead weather person for years and to really get ahead you are going to have to change stations which means relocating and all that fun...

I think being a weatherperson is like any other job - yes its important to pay your dues but very few of us get to be recorded and broadcasted to keep record of when we are right and wrong. I  commend those who are our weekend weatherpeople - you get VERY little recognition and you are still doing a good job!

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Brian Cluxton said...

Good post, Alison. I agree with you and it reminds me of a time as was in a local Subway grabbing lunch and saw Ben Gelber. Subway employee asked "How's the weather?" Gelber sort of looked at him like, seriously? And then proceeded to give him the forecast just like he does on TV. He's a good guy but I'm sure they all get really tired of being asked about the weather. So, if you see any local weather people out and about, I'd talk to them about anything BUT the weather.