Day 131. The Acting One.

I know I said no more famous people, BUT...I saw Revolutionary Road this week. Kate Winslet is the lead female actor in this movie and she is A-MA-ZING. I have always marveled at artists, and obviously actors are part of that group. I find it so compelling that people can be open to all kinds of influences, channel them, and use them to communicate a message to us.  Even in my little non-artist mind, it is obvious that Ms. Winslet is one of the best actors, and artists, we have seen...

The people I saw this movie with sat for a good long while and talked about how amazing this story was and we credited much of that directly to Kate. Her ability to truly become and internalize another person is stunning...even more than that though, from what I know, Kate is truly an amazing person outside of her professional life. There is, of course, the much over-tread story of how her body is more like that of a "normal" woman and how she stands up for being whatever size she wants to be. Even though that has been beaten in to the ground, it bears as much attention as it gets because she rocks for not conforming to a stereotype or submitting to the pressure of the industry. Kate also strikes me as a VERY intelligent woman, an incredible mother, and a strong strong friend.

This movie is lolling about in my brain and will probably be percolating for a while - and it was again, Kate's tremendous ability to dissolve into the story so that I am focusing on that, and not just her. For who she is professionally and the little bit I know of her personally, I think Kate Winslet deserves all the recognition she can get.

And give the woman an Oscar already.... ;)

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