Day 130. The Confident One.

Friday I went to dinner with 7 other people - three of whom were children. We were all excited to be together but you can imagine the many potential disasters that can exist in this combination: more than one child, Friday night, restaurant, multiple checks, special orders. Well we were fortunate enough to have one of the most lovely servers I've encountered in a long while.

This server was amazing. She had just the right tempo in checking in on us, waiting to take our order and tending to the adults and children in the right tone and approach without seeming condescending. When mistakes were made, she immediately took on ownership (which we all know immediately takes you to resolution) and sought to make things right. She really handled the whole dinner perfectly. As we were wrapping up the evening, we started to remark on her skill in handling us and one of my friends commented on how it was this young woman's confidence that truly was making her successful...I thought about that for a while. Isn't that the truth?

No matter what we seek to do - confidence can cover a multitude of sins. Because even an error becomes part of the journey since you know that you can ultimately succeed in what what needs to be done. This lovely server made what could have been an unruly group with a lot of craziness into an enjoyable evening that, as far as our dinner went, could have easily been just two of us because it was so smooth.

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