Day 129. The Knitting One.

So bear with me, because I am in catch up mode here for a bit...

Many of you know that I knit. I have been astounded to find out how many knitters are also on social networks...on first blush, I never really saw the obvious connection (although since I fit into both groups that should have been a clue huh? ;) )

ANYWAY - one knitter that I have come to really enjoy is "Wendy Knits". I found her first on various social networks because there was a pattern that many of my fellow knitters were making called "Nanner Socks" that I wanted to make. A lot of searching helped me find Wendy's BLOG and make a plea to get a copy of the now no longer available pattern.  And, of course, Wendy was kind enough to send me the pattern. (see my finished product here). In finding this blog, it opened me up to a whole other cool person to meet. Wendy blogs every day, sharing her life, her knitting and more. She's also quite famous in the knitting community, in fact one of her patterns was recently published in my personal favorite, Knit1 Magazine.  

But what always strikes me about Wendy is that she is so very connected to her communities and seems truly interested in building new relationships and in sharing. There are some other "knitting gurus" that I have found that, understandably, are managing so many different avenues of their life and businesses that they are unable to be as open in Q&A or sharing patterns, tips, connections. Wendy doesn't seem to have even the slightest hint of this happening to her...I am always in awe of how much she shares about herself and her projects and that she so generously gives of her creativity to us in the form of knitting tips, cool new places to find buttons, yarn etc and in the form of patterns! The woman is published, she has her own books and could easily just focus more on marketing and we'd all buy away because her work is so great, but she continues to share with us because she has never forgotten about the relationships and that these, more than any knitting project, are the most important.

Wendy even lives in DC so you know that I love her even more :)

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WendyKnits said...

Awwwwwwww, thanks!

You do realize that in real life I'm just a cranky old bitch? ;-)