Day 126. The Baking One.

My friend Lisa is just a sweet sweet person. I was fortunate enough to meet Lisa through my friend Michele who I have already written about here.  Lisa is first and foremost physically cute and lovely...then you get to know her! She is tremendously smart, focused, hard working, generous of spirit, kind and really in touch with who she is. 

Lisa leads our weekly knitting group and is one of the strongest leaders I've seen in that she leads without you ever really "feeling" it. Its a rare and special thing. Lisa also, seriously, is the best baker that I have ever met. Period. If you are somewhere and there is a baked good made by Lisa, eat it. Immediately. And, if that baked good happens to be cinnamon rolls, I will race you to get it first. She makes everything from scratch to boot.

She's very sweet - even if you happen to cause a group of people to make plans based on your inability to properly read the times a store is open on the internet, and then your alternate plans get you stuck in traffic for almost an hour, Lisa will help make the best of it...not that I did that or anything...;)

There wasn't one thing that Lisa did that brought her to my mind to write about, its just everything about her. I don't know many people like Lisa throughout the whole of my life and that makes her even more special.

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