Day 125. The Bar One.

Title piqued your interest? :)  So earlier this week Stephen and I met some great new friends to go to an ice hockey game. We were meeting at a bar downtown in the Arena district, and as there are only a few good places there each is quite packed right before a hockey game. 

As we were wandering around looking for our friends - quite frozen and not a little bit flustered - in the midst of the craziness, a man stopped me and said "excuse me, I think you dropped this". I had dropped a piece of paper from my purse that was rather important - seeing that it had my directions for the evening of where we were parking, meeting, blah blah blah. I thanked the man profusely and he politely shrugged it off.

I was rather impressed that this man, in the midst of his fun night, and in the middle of a crazy, loud, packed bar would take the time to even notice that I dropped something and then politely let me know. It put a smile on my face and ended up being the beginning of what was a really fun night!

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