Day 124. The Apple One.

Wednesday of this week, Steve Jobs announced that he is taking a 6 month leave of absence from Apple to care for his own health. Apple suspended trading after it had plummeted in late trading. Bloggers and technophiles immediately began their barrage of "what is wrong?" "maybe NOW we'll get copy paste on our iPhones" and, worst of all "see, I told ya something was wrong with him".

Steve Jobs created Apple. Steve Jobs revived Apple after it appeared to be almost dead. He introduced the new generations of MacBooks, iPods, AppleTV's and iPhones that have given Apple its highest market share ever in these devices' respective market segments and has allowed Apple to have an unprecedented amount of cash reserves in the time of the ultimate credit crunch. And of course, all of these numerous, significant accomplishments were accompanied by a growing culture of Apple fans that have made Apple the "new cool".

The reaction that came today that was mostly of the types of responses I cited above hit me immediately - for that is the exact reason for this blog. Can't someone just be appreciated for what they've done? People - seriously - the man has generated, from mostly his soul and own creative drive, one of the most successful businesses any way you cut it. Apple could be a business case for pretty much every major business angle. But what's the ultimate success of a business? Knowing that it sustains without any one person - even if that person is Steve Jobs. I have a major in Leadership Studies and a business that can't exist or thrive without its leader is no success at all, even while that leader is there. 

I am stunned that so many couldn't immediately realize that "Uncle Steve's" decision was not only honorable and respectable, as it reflected the importance we all need to place on our health and our quality of life; but in some ways, this decision is the smartest thing he could have done for "his" company. 

In my opinion, Steve Jobs has always been a genius...even if his ways have been unorthodox, and his attitude sometimes less than conciliatory, you can't deny him his successes. Today - knowing that this man is making a decision that I don't doubt was hard for him personally and professionally, I have even more respect for him - as this tells me more about the type of person he is. He is putting what matters most first. 

I wish Steve Jobs the quickest and most pain free recovery he can experience. I hope time away rejuvenates him physically, emotionally and spiritually. I hope that regardless of if he ever returns to Apple in a professional capacity that he is well and can reflect and enjoy not only his successes but the well deserved appreciation of many. I hope that the millions of people who have benefited from him and marveled at what he created, let him know what he's done for them. You can count me among that crowd. Uncle Steve, you amaze me - thank you for never compromising - on anything. Get better soon. [and those of you whining about your stock price or dancing the superior dance can just stuff it]

DISLAIMER: I am a full on Apple geek - our household owns three Apple computers, a Time Machine, quite a few iPods and  2 iPhones. I make no apologies - they are simply the best there is.


Kim Fenolio said...

I love you girl. You amzaze me each and every day. I'm so glad you came out and said all of this about Steve and I pray that others might follow suit. Well done!

Geoff Gentry (aka xforce11) said...

Great post. Steve has got solid, creative, and competent people in place at Apple. They will do just fine. I do wish him a speedy recovery.