Day 123. The Mail One.

This was a pleasant story that a good friend shared with me on Monday...my friend Amy is a really cool person. She bikes competitively, and works at the University studying flora and fauna...namely fish and water wildlife. She's also really cute and funny and is part of my knitting club. I say all this to say, she deserves nice things to happen to her.

Monday as she was rushing to work she grabbed her personal keys and her work keys...when she got to work, she only had her personal keys. This launched a very anxious day for her of thinking "oh I must have left my work keys here", only to be disappointed when they weren't. This was bad because they are non-duplicable University keys, access to labs, you get the drift.  Haven't we all had experiences like this? You keep calm by thinking you'll find your item at the next place until...well, until you don't find them.  The very last outlet Amy had was to hope that they were somewhere between her house and the nearby mailbox...she walked, looking in the grass and snow etc. not finding them even as she got to the mailbox.

Then she saw it - on the mailbox - the old fashioned blue ones that sit on a curb that aren't as common anymore - a sign: "The person who accidentally dropped University keys into the mailbox please contact...."  Its obvious why the mailman deserves a nod of appreciation. Pretty cool I think. 

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