Day 120. The Neighbor One.

We got home yesterday. My fingers are starting to thaw out - sorta - so I can type again. Anyway, being gone as long as we are each year at this time, sometimes causes me some anxiety about our home. You like to think that you live in a safe area, but you never know (gosh I sound like those ADP commercials!). What's nice about where we live now is that we've gotten to know a few good neighbors in the little community...the neighbor who lives across the street, Katie, in particular is quite fun.

We don't spend a lot of time with Katie, perhaps a cocktail or appetizers two or three times a year, but we always chat when we see each other and, if one or the other of us is going to be out of town, the one who is still here watches out for the house - any odd behavior, any packages, that kind of thing. Its no big deal, but it sure helps give you a peace of mind when you are out of town. Its also quite nice to think that the sense of community isn't dead. I grew up in the midwest when you still knew all your neighbors, then as a function of time and also of living in large cities for 10+ years, that stopped happening. I don't think I knew the name of a single neighbor until Stephen and I moved into this place.

So now that we are home, I am again thankful for our lovely neighbor Katie - who does so much for us but also for keeping the concept of a true "neighbor" alive.

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