Day 119. The Pool One.

Ah - its our very very last day of Keys life. This trip has been one of the best - in terms of how we have spent our time, how much we have been able to relax and the weather. Its been a long time since I've been this sad to go....

So today - our last day in the sun, Stephen and I headed over to the "traquility" area of the bay..its for people 21 and over only and it is very peaceful. Cabanas, waterfalls and lofty palms that rustle in the breeze make it perfect. Today, as most other days, a server from the nearby Tiki bar came around asking if anyone would like anything - food or drink. Now, let's cut right to the chase here - to have ANYTHING served to you waterside is pretty stinkin' cool. Its rediculously luxurious and so much fun. We usually don't do it (partially because we have so much to eat and drink already that we bring from our condo) but today - to celebrate, Stephen and I started in on some Rum Runners (for him) and Bellini's for me. Dan was our server.

I could go on and on about all the things that made Dan awesome - working in the hot sun, having to deal with running your butt off for a bunch of slugs laying around doing nothing but sunning themselves, blah blah blah. But - it boils down to this - for one afternoon, Dan served us amazing beverages that made us feel really special (and not a little bit "happy") and for that, he was the perfect end to a perfect trip. So CHEERS to you Dan. I hope you were able to relax tonight after helping us do that so completely today! Goodbye Keys!

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