Day 118. The Jamaican One.

In the Florida keys, one of the many cool things culturally is that you get to interact with people from so many parts of the world - without prejudice. Last night, at my new very favorite restaurant, "Alma", we had a lovely server, Delroy. The restaurant was meant to be a more "classy" place and at first, we were simply just delighted with Delroy's humor and attention to detail. He put us at ease right away with quite a challenging menu and really guided us through what turned out to be amazing dishes that we may otherwise not have ordered. As the night went on, we started talking more and more with our server.

Delroy shared with us how he participates in the work visa program and has worked all over the USA. [His funniest story is that he was a ski tech in PA near where Stephen grew up...yes, a Jamaican ski tech...Stephen just loved that one!].  Delroy has certainly let his life experience shape him into a truly engaging individual. He works in the US for 6-8 months at a time and then returns to Jamaica and to his family. He has two daughters back home and he always brings back to them stories of his travels and adventures. Delroy also took the time to share with us about his home country...he had stories about Jamaica that were interesting, informing and sometimes just downright hilarious (did you know the only place you can legally smoke Marijuana in Jamaica is at Bob Marley's grave? Who knew?)

I appreciated the time to interact with someone on more than just a superficial level who had so much to teach me about a whole other place in the world where I have yet to visit...and I found Delroy to be a man who truly owns his life and every choice and every bit of knowledge that has filled that time. To boot, he's quite smart and truly hilarious.

I do love Alma, I'll be back there every time I'm in the Keys - but I will never forget my first visit there, and the fact that probably the major reason I enjoyed it so very very much was a tremendous man named Delroy.

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