Day 117. The Real Championship One.

Tonight the Ohio State Buckeyes play in the Fiesta bowl. Many friends and fans are debating the outcome of the BCS (or BS C depending on who you listen to). In a parallel world, I was struggling to come up with something positive to write here today. Then, as so often is custom, my good friend Soren had offered up some recent blog posts that I had to catch up upon and I happened upon this one.

So I am cheating on multiple fronts, Soren's already made a well deserved appearance here at 300sixtyfie and I am blatantly copying him.

So on this night of yet another football game, and one that is supposed to be the MOST important to me this year, I turn your attention to Coaches Kris Hogen and  Mark Williams and teams that truly deserves the recognition.


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Devyl Gyrl said...

Soren is fantastic, isn't he?

And, this is an EXCELLENT post :) I love that you made this one of your 365!!