Day 116. The Bueller One.

Bueller? Bueller? OK, its a stretch here but I've come to realize I must be rather conservative and selective with my adjectives (249 more? yikes!). But, most people of my age will instantly think of the scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off (and if you are NOT of my age or just haven't seen this movie, what is WRONG with you?) when the teacher called "Bueller...Bueller..." over and over during roll call. Most of us also know that this actor was Ben Stein - much more famous in political circles for his advising of policy makers and writing of speeches. Ben now shows up as a pundit on various shows...today, I saw his commentary on CBS Sunday Morning. Ben was talking about the year 2008 in review and obviously commented quite a bit on the financial circumstances in which the world finds itself.

But here's why I want to acknowledge Ben today. I have always appreciated his upbeat approach to the world. He is optimism underscored with logic. Even as he debates issues, he doesn't buy into the "scream louder" approach too many of our talking heads have adopted. He is engaging, witty, and has a dry humor that, if you've been reading this for a while you know that I love. But today, Ben's message struck a chord...to quote the summary of his segment, "...Ben Stein wants Americans to remember that money doesn't equal happiness." As he said today "YOU ARE NOT A BALANCE SHEET...YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING WITH A SOUL" the words echoed in my ears. You don't have to be paying too much attention to know that today's financial climate is causing a lot of anxiety and hardship. With a husband and a father in the financial world, I hear all too much about this.

But Ben grabbed those who took the time to listen to him today from that spiral. We are, at our core, amazing beings of spirit, and will, and thought, and love and passion. Ultimately, we are who we allow ourselves to be. I have always found Ben to be brilliant even on his worst days and today, he exceeded my expectations. Ben, thank you for being someone who represents the best of what a thinking person should be - and in this case the very best way to get through these times.

To see all of Ben's segment, please click HERE. (AND, I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO DO SO...perhaps even a bit more than I advise you to go watch Ferris! tee hee)

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