Day 115. The Sharing One.

Yes, i know, you are all sick of knowing I'm at the Keys...but it has offered the surprising challenge of finding people to write about. Today, someone fell easily into today's post. Here's the scoopage. Our family owns a condo that part of a resort down at Duck Key, Fl. What this means is that when we aren't using our condo, that is is available for rent as are all the other condo units. What's nice about this place is that its not a timeshare or anything like that - these units are OURS. We can decorate, furnish, equip our unit as we see fit. What's not nice is that having this truly be our home away from home has taught us a lot about the unkind side of people. We have had things stolen (who steals a FRYING PAN, seriously?) broken, damaged...we've seen the community areas disrespected with trash, noise...you get the drift. We've come to expect this as a necessary evil (and in fact usually time this annual trip to when all the holiday travelers have LEFT).

So today, I saw someone act out of character as far as most of these guests go...a family was getting ready to leave (yay!) and, since people stay in condos as well as hotel rooms, a lot of families end up with left over groceries etc. So this mom came over to the pool area and had brought all her left over "kid friendly" treats...she had popsicles, candy, sodas, juice, fruit...and she just kindly went around to the other families (it seemed some she had met through the course of her visit) and just offered to share the goodies with the families that were still staying. Kids were excited and parents were appreciative.

This may not seem like a big deal, but in contrast to the selfish behavior that *some* can display on vacation I thought it was so kind of this woman to think of reducing waste, helping others out and bringing happiness to some kids all in the midst of the craziness that is always packing up and departing. That's just being kind in your heart...and it was so nice to see!

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Devyl Gyrl said...

See, why can't everyone just share a little of what they have with someone else?

Kudos to her!

I notice more little things like this since i started reading your blog.