Day 114. The Rose One.

Happy New Year everyone. 2009! Can you believe it? Seems like it was just 2000...anyway, in Big Ten country, New Year's day means one thing - the Rose Bowl. As is tradition, the Big Ten champ plays the Pac Ten champ in "the granddaddy of them all". I have never been, but there is nothing like sitting with all the good tailgate goodies and watching the game with friends family and some drinks!

We all know that bowl games (and college football) are becoming rather commercial lately but I still love the pomp and circumstance of the Rose Bowl. I'm not singling ONE person out today, I'm recognizing every single person that had the unenviable task of working probably the entire week of Christmas through to New Years (and new Years eve no doubt) to sustain the tradition...so to the food vendors, the people who painted the field, the ticket handlers, the ushers...you've made a special memory for a whole lotta people today and you probably are just tired and cranky by the time its all over. What you do matters...a lot (and hopefully we'll see a Penn State victory to boot! *fingers crossed*)

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Devyl Gyrl said...

*applauds them all*

What I really love is that they often look HAPPY to be there! More people should be appreciative of their jobs.