Week 17. Reflections.

For the past few weeks, I've found myself thinking that this is getting a bit hard, and I'm not even a third of the way through! I'm starting to overanalyze who to name and when (again, those of you who *really* know me are not shocked). Every now and then I feel like I am getting TOO serious and I want to bring in someone to lighten it up...and sometimes, I just don't have anyone to name...

So where this has me right now is thinking about the circles in which I interact. I'm starting to think its a personal challenge that when I feel like I am running out of people, its not because they are not out there, but its because I'm getting a bit too routine...so I've got to shake it up. Broaden my perspectives, broaden where I go, who I'm with.

This should be particularly interesting since in less than a week I go on my self imposed "recharging" vacation that is, for the most part, VERY isolating (and I like it that way). Every year my parents, me and now my husband go to the Florida Keys for some rather indulgent relaxation. It used to be we couldn't even get phone or internet there and there was something freeing in that. We liked being where no one could find us...where we couldn't be bothered. But, while the advent of connectivity now allows us to stay much longer (YAY!) its keeping me focused on this project (also, YAY!) and I'm really thinking its going to be a good challenge to find people to write about, since usually, on a good day, I see three of four people - and every day its the same people. 

So between the upcoming vacation and how I'm feeling about this project in general, perhaps I'll break out of my extreme introvert mode and continue to welcome new people into my crazy little world...

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