Week 15. Reflections.

Holy crap! So people are actually reading this silly thing!! :) Someone found their post before I had even sent them the link. Crazy enough, my first reaction was anxiety. Inherently I am fairly private so I keep forgetting I'm putting this out there for everyone...

But that's the point isn't it - so, to those of you who have been posted here, I feel like i shall apologize! I log on here every day for a few minutes to write about you guys and most times, I feel like I still haven't done you justice. We all know I am not a writer; So, just know, that if I've named you here it means I think you are really really cool and I like you, I really like you! :) 


iandrea said...

Thanks again Alison for the daily reminder to be appreciative of the amazing people that we come across.

You better believe we are still reading your blog! Not only because it's beautifully written, Not only because you capture the essence of some pretty remarkable people, not only because you seem to have genius timing with those whom you choose to highlight, but most of all, because I am in awe of seeing you along this journey. In honor of your wanderlust-filled nature, your incredible trip to find, Search out, and document 365 amazing people in the world - one person at a time.

Andrea :)

Devyl Gyrl said...

It can't be better said than that, iandrea :)

Alison - you're doing an amazing thing here.