Week 14. Reflections.

I thought it was important, during this Thanksgiving week, to restate the purpose of this blog...not just for you lovely readers, but also for myself. So here's the deal...

Basically, first and foremost, compliments after the fact irritate me. Its when someone retires that we then say what a good job they did; its when someone has died that we talk about how wonderful their life was. While I recognize the importance of letting something "finish out" before opining on it...I just don't get why we can appreciate the steps along the way - while the thing itself is in motion.

I also am starting to get rather irked with the fact that it seems so many people feel its not cool to be supportive, or complimentary. Rather, they keep their guard up - appear strong, appear like they don't need anyone. Be competitive, win at all costs, don't help someone along the way and risk appearing weak or heaven forbid, not winning.

I think a compliment can go a long way. No matter what someone is doing, I want to truly believe that the effort should not go unnoticed. It takes all of us to make anything happen - big or small. And often, we just give all the glory to a figurehead or point person without seeing all the hard work that others have done.

And finally, I was born a perpetually optimistic person and I have found myself getting rather pessimistic and disappointed in people lately. And that needed to change.

For those reasons, this blog was created. To help myself and more importantly to start practicing what I preach and to compliment and acknowledge those who I see doing SOMEthing good - no matter how big or small. This is not an exercise in massaging anyone's ego (including mine) and this is not a popularity contest. This is an exercise in letting people know they are appreciated - whether they go above and beyond, or just do something really nice. And, quite frankly, seeking out people who otherwise may never hear just how rockin' they are.

So that's it - it was important for me to restate this - again, more so for myself than others. 

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