Day 99. The Tree One.

Its December 12th today. Six years ago, my husband in classic form proposed to me in Union Square in San Francisco (which happens to be my favorite city...if I ever run away, that's where you'll find me). And, I can tell you, he got me GOOD. It is not easy to surprise me, and it is not easy to make me speechless, and he accomplished both that day.

I won't go into all the details here - some of you know the story, and while I am happy to share, its something I prefer to share in person and not on a blog - but I will tell you that he proposed in front of the big Christmas tree that is erected in Union Square each year right in front of the Macy's. When I was remembering this today, it struck me...look around, look at all the Christmas decorations that are going up in your community outside of those that are on people's homes. Tacky, classy, white lights, colored lights, blow up things, reindeer, whatever...they all contribute to the feel of the holiday season. And, someone had to put up all those decorations. I know how I feel about putting up decorations outside and its no fun...so someone, who goes unnoticed every year climbs up on a ladder, hangs from a truck, risks personal safety at times does it all just to spread a little holiday cheer. (Oh ok I'm sure they're getting paid to do it but let's go with the end result here, people).

So - whoever you are that puts up a single holiday decoration somewhere other than in your personal space, thank you. Its not the easiest or most natural thing to do. But you help make the holiday just a little more special...and sometimes, you help to make a lifelong memory like mine in San Fran.

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